Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 4th

Today I am grateful for students that make me laugh. My students came back with stories about what they got for Christmas and what they did over break. My last period of the day is always the most chatty, but they are a quirky group of kids. They are always eager to tell me a joke, or something silly that their little siblings did. It doesn't surprise me that they are always a little bit behind my other classes. But when they look back, they probably won't care about the excretory system. They will remember that science was fun (I hope) and that they laughed a lot. It always helps that on the first day back from break we are talking about the kidneys and that one of the slides on the notes says we are talking about pee not poo! All day long they laughed when they read it and thought it was even more funny when I read it. Twelve and thirteen year olds are awkward, but I guess that is why my job keeps me on my toes.

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