Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7th

Today I am thankful for good friends/coworkers.

Tonight we went to Dave and Buster's to celebrate my coworker's adoption of her son. Despite the giant snowflakes that were coming down, the drive wasn't too bad. Chris and I had fun chatting with my coworkers over dinner. My chicken sandwich came with the cheese and avocado sauce that asked to be left off my order. Somehow this is a very difficult concept. A lot of places don't understand food allergies or picky eaters. So I sent my food back. As we waited, we watched the balloon animal artist make flowers, dogs, spaceships, and bears for the kids. It is funny how something as simple as a balloon bent into a fun shape can keep a kid amused and happy.

After dinner we played games, trying to win as many tickets as possible. The best part was watching kids run around and play games. Even if they didn't win, they were still having fun. Sadly, I didn't get to play skee ball, which is one of my favorite games. Apparently it is the favorite of a lot of other people too, because it was busy the whole night. Some of the games are just as addicting as Vegas slot machines. You get sucked into to trying to push coins off a ledge to get more tickets or watching a little light go round and round waiting for just the right moment to land on the bonus light.

Our goal was to walk away with some of the best prizes we could find. We had enough tickets to get a pint glass, some bubbles, and some candy. Bottom line, we had fun.

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