Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 5

Well, this post was supposed to be written a couple of days ago. This blogging everyday is going to be harder than I thought.

Thursday was a wonderful day for one of my coworkers. She and her family welcomed a wonderful little boy into their family. They started the adoption process almost two years ago. They went to classes for the county, had people making sure their home was safe, had every aspect of their lives scrutinized. They endured the long process that the county put them through and it paid off! My coworker sent pictures from the courthouse. You could see the excitement for this day fo finally  be here.

I am truly amazed at the strength of my coworker and her family. I am thankful for people like her who are willing to go through this process to give a loving home to a little guy. My coworker is one of the most patient people that I know and I can tell she is a great mommy to her boys. Tonight we get to go celebrate the adoption by playing games and having fun.

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